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Backing Africa's Venture Forward

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Resilience17 is a venture studio and fund on a mission to accelerate African prosperity through technology entrepreneurship.

We know firsthand how lonely and difficult it gets in an unknown terrain with low visibility, lack of infrastructure, and limited access to funding.

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And, We're just getting started.


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R17 Approach

All around support and funding.



Capital to start fast and scale faster, funding support all the way to IPO.


Design and engineering orchestrating a symphony of function and delight.


AI: Compute, models, cloud credits and expert advisors.
Customer Development: tools and talent to understand customer's needs.


Execution support across GTM, Marketing, and Analytics driving scale and efficiency.


Storytelling through press engagement and influential messengers to rise above the noise.

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Olugbenga 'GB' Agboola

Founder: Resilience17
Co-Founder & CEO: Flutterwave

Resilience17 is a support system nurturing the way forward for Africa.

An evergreen family fund, investing at the earliest stage through Series A, and backed by one of the most impactful founders operating across Africa today.

The Studio focuses on Product & Business Ops, powered by technical and creative builders, who are stacked with market context and deep global operating experience.

Featured Portfolio

Backing bold, visionary founders
that strive to move Africa forward.

Founder Mentality

What we look for to invest and hire


Your internal compass points up and to the left with a staggeringly steep slope.


Failure is a constant, and success is the outcome of keeping going. 


Trust is the foundation of partnership, the essential element each of the above values depend on.


Founders set the pace, and slow moving companies rarely win big valuable markets. 


Resilience is Africa’s competitive advantage. It takes remarkable determination over long time horizons to build the future.

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Ready to make your dent in the universe?

Venture forward with R17. Pitch us

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